This site constitutes the accumulation and compilation of the learning , experience and understanding of my 43 years of reading many books, taking courses & seminars in health and finance and living a healthy lifestyle and what has worked for me.
By way of background, I have a B.S in the Health Sciences, am a Tai Chi Certified Instructor, License with the Pastoral Medical Association License Level D.PSc ( Diplomat of Pastoral Science) a graduate from The College for Financial Planning’s “CFP Professional Education Program” and hold licenses in the insurance and finance field and live the lifestyle which I profess.

My MISSION STATEMENT is to imbue my knowledge and experience (with others whom I consider authorities on various subjects) on how to lead a healthy, successful life so you don’t have to spend a lifetime learning what I have learned. At nearing 64 yrs young I feel as good as I did in my teens.

It has also been my privilege to have been mentored (for the past 30 yrs)by a man, a good friend, whom I consider to be one of the foremost authorities on how to lead a healthy life. His name is Dr. Fred Bisci who at the time of this writing is 87 yrs young.

Fred’s website ( with a wealth of information) is As Tony Robbins stated in I believe his “Living Health Program” we don’t study poor people to become rich, so why do we study sick people to become healthy ?

The question of what is health or healthy has been and continues to be a subject of debate.  For instance you can ask someone who eats fast or processed foods, is overweight, taking prescription drugs  and has many maladies,  and as long as this person is functional they will tell you they are healthy or fine. Unfortunately for the typical consumer, with all the conflicting news media that we are exposed to and who is behind the funding of the study, the results will  sometimes be totally opposite. So most people, unfortunately (due to the confusion), state

“I’m going to die of something, I might as well enjoy myself while I’m alive and eat everything”.

While this may seem on the surface to make sense you will see that everything is NOT healthy, even items that are deemed healthy.
There’s a saying that I’ve read:


The one thing I will tell you is that in every book  I’ve read and lecture I’ve attended, there are many similarities on what constitutes health.  My point is, don’t look for the differences in the books you read or information you hear, look for the similarities. Everyone has individual differences in biochemical makeup.  The  book, “ Biochemical Individuality” by Roger J. Williams , John Wiley & Sons Inc. Publishers,  meaning one size fits all does not apply!  Pick the lifestyle that best suits you and makes you feel good , AND as my good friend Dr. Freddie Bisci states “ it ‘s what you leave out” that’s the key  to recovering or maintaining your health.

On this site I will be explaining what has worked for me.  I am going to give you the Cliff Notes on some of the most important books in regards to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Some issues I will be discussing are:

  • The importance of food combining 
  • Eating at the correct time
  • Chewing your food properly
  • Avoiding toxins and toxic individuals which can cause unnecessary stress  
  • What’s the best water?   
  • Sunshine
  • Getting enough rest and proper sleep.  
  • What exercises are beneficial.    
  • What enzymes / probiotics  if any should I take? 
  • What is a good supplement to take?
  • infrared saunas
Green Foods, sprouting, and many more subjects.
The information on this site is presented for educational purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for examination, diagnosis and medical care provided by a licensed and qualified health professional.